Blowout Preventers

Blowout Preventers

BOP's are used to provide positive protection against blow-outs and to secure the well in an emergency. This allows work to be safely carried out, under pressure, on surface equipment while the tubing is still in the wellbore.

The BOP closing design consists of a hydraulic actuator assembly connected to each ram assembly. This allows the rams to be hydraulically compressed around the tubing from opposite sides which creates a seal, thus containing well pressure below the rams. Pressure across the rams is equalized, through an equalizing assembly located across each ram assembly. This takes place prior to hydraulic retraction of the rams.

Nexus Energy Technologies offers a variety of BOP’s in multiple configurations; Single, Tandem, Triple and Quad ram configurations or combi-ram configurations. By utilizing combination rams, the BOP can do all of the same functions of a quad BOP, with half the rams, giving you a shorter stack height and a lighter work piece than a quad BOP.

Quad Ram Configurations
1. Blind Seal Rams: Upper set of rams that seal off well pressure when nothing is in the well bore.

2. Shear Rams: Second set of rams to shear tubing up       to 3 ½”.

3. Slip Rams: Third set of rams that hold the tubing in place while shearing or for other applications.

4. Pipe Seal Rams: Fourth set of rams that seal around the tubing, isolating well bore below.

Open Actuators on Quad BOP.  Placement of Quad Ram Configurations

Combi Ram Configurations
1.Shear/Seal Rams: Upper set of rams that can shear tubing up to 3 1/2” and seal-off the well pressure.

2. Slip/Seal Rams: Lower set of rams that hold onto the tubing in place while shearing or for other applications and seal around the tubing, isolating the well bore below.

Specifications & Options
Pressure Rating: 5,000psi, 10,000psi, 15,000psi

Tubing Size: 1.00”-3.50”

Service: all equipment is Sour Service

Teflon coating of bore added for corrosion resistance

Actuator bridal hoses or ported through body

Customized paint colors and BOP transport stand

New Internal Hydraulic technology in our BOP's

Benefit from the exclusion of bridal hoses with quicker BOP set-up times, less leak points, faster ram installations and simultaneous set actuator openings. Shearing force is 35% stronger with the internal hydraulic BOP.

Internal Hydraulic Quad Blowout Preventer

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