Stripper Packers

Stripper Packers

The Side Door Stripper Packer is designed to pack-off around the coil tubing that is being lowered into or pulled out of the well bore. It can also be used to seal around the tubing in emergency operations. The stuffing box is installed above the coiled tubing BOP.

The Stripper Packer is available in two configurations; as a standalone piece of equipment with a bottom connection or as a tandem with a connection on top and bottom. The Tandem Stripper Packer is also available with an integral chemical injection sub located above the bottom union connection.

The Stripper Packer operates with hydraulic pressure. Well pressure is sealed off by actuating the cylinder to the extended position. This causes the cylinder to push against the packer element. The element is then squeezed to form a seal around the tubing.

Switching tubing sizes is a simple task. Using hydraulics the operator retracts the cylinder and changes the upper and lower brass guides as well as the packer element. The packer element can also be changed while the tubing is still in the well bore.

1. Available with a variety of union connections

2. Hydraulically controlled

3. Different tubing sizing available, with compatible parts.

4. Elements can be changed with the tubing in the well

Various Stripper Packers manufactured by Nexus

Specifications & Options
Pressure Rating: 5,000psi, 10,000psi, 15,000psi

Size: 3-1/16"' 4-1/16", 5-1/8"

Tubing Size: 1.00" – 3.50"

Service: All equipment is Sour Service

Conventional or tandem configuration

Chemical injection

Painted customer colors

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