About US

Who We Are

Since its inception in September 2005 in Red Deer, Alberta, Nexus Energy Technologies has become a premier supplier of Coiled Tubing Pressure Control Equipment and Services to loyal customers in both local and international markets.

We specialize in the design, manufacture, sales, rental and recertification of Coiled Tubing Pressure Control Equipment. his includes, but is not limited to: Blowout Preventers, Side-Door Stripper Packers, Lubricator / Risers, Wellhead Adapters, Flow Tees & Crosses, Rotating Joints, Crossovers and OEM Replacement Parts.

Nexus currently operates both in Houston, TX with a 26,000 Sq ft Sales, Re-certification and Distribution center and our Red Deer headquarters comprises an impressive double lot facility that boasts a combined 45,000 sq ft, 12 bays, a vast storage yard, an array of new state-of-the-art machinery and over 50 employees that are of the highest caliber-experienced, innovative and pragmatic. 

Our growth is directly reflective of our reputation for uncompromising quality based on the education, integrity, experience and dedication of Nexus employees. Building upon these roots and the substantial market presence, we capitalize on our strengths and relationships to accelerate our growth and opportunities. By assembling a strong design and engineering team combined with our CNC machines and cutting edge 3D-CADD software, we continue to strive for a reputation of high quality and timely delivery of products and services that are respected in the industry.


Our Facilities

Nexus Engineering & Machine Facility in Red Deer, Alberta

Nexus Energy Technologies Headquarters in Red Deer, Alberta. 12 bays. 2 buildings.

Production Department at Nexus Engineering & Machine

Nexus Production Department in Red Deer. We currently have over 12 CNC machines; some of the largest and most sophisticated CNC machines that Mazak has to offer.

Red Deer's Re-certification Department. We operate 2 major cranes and can recert multiple pieces of equipment. We have 2 pressure bays and 2 sandblaster booths.

Nexus Energy Technologies Facility in Houston, Texas

Nexus Energy Technologies, a 17,000 Sq Ft sales, re-certification and distribution center in the Woodlands, Texas.

Houston Recert department

Nexus Energy Technologies Houston Re-certification and distribution departments.

Both of our Pressure Bays. Each location has 3 seperately, enclosed pressure bays.

Our large industrial paint bay.

Coiled Tubing Pressure control equipment rentals at Nexus

One of our Rental rows at our Red Deer location.

Mission Statement

"At Nexus Energy Technologies, dedication to customer service, product design & development and the utilization of state-of-the-art machinery allows us to provide customized solutions to each and every client. We strive to exceed customer expectations, to act with objectivity, integrity and are committed to the delivery of the highest quality products on a timely basis."

Vision Statement

"Nexus Energy Technologies has grown to be recognized as a global supplier in the design and manufacturing of Coiled Tubing Pressure Control Equipment. Our company is reliable in our quality products & promises, progressive in our goals and dynamic in all aspects of our organization."

Our History

Nexus consistently strives to innovate and improve all facets of our business. Our growth is reflective of our passion to produce and provide the best service and Coiled Tubing Pressure Control Equipment in the industry.

  • Oil & Gas Awards Finalists.