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5-1/8" 10k Quad BOP

 Blue Flow Tee manufactured by Nexus

Flow Cross

Threaded Union Lubricators

Threaded Union Lubricators

Grey Flow Tee manufactured by Nexus

Flow Tee

Two-Door Stripper Packer.  Made by Nexus Engineering & Machine

4-1/16" 15K Two Door Stripper Packer

4" 5K Tandem Blowout Preventer

4-1/16" 5K Tandem BOP

12ft Flanged Lubricators

12ft Flanged Lubricators

Rotating Joint manufactured by Nexus Engineering & Machine

2.5 10K 90° Rotating Joint

Blast Joint

15K Quad BOP

5-1/8" 15K Quad BOP

Conventional Side-Door Stripper Packers

7-1/16" 5K Tandem BOP

Quad BOP Rentals

2.5" 10K Straight through Rotating joint

5-1/8" 10K Quad BOP

Quad and Tandem BOP's

Flanged Spool and NightCap

5-1/8" 10K Tandem BOP with bridal hoses and a stucchi manifold

Quad BOP

5-1/8" 10K Quad BOP

Flow Crosses

Coventional Side Door Stripper Packer

10ft Threaded Union Lubricators

2.5" 15K Rotating Joint

4-1/16" 15K Two-Door Stripper Packer


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