Our Machines

The production facility at Nexus Energy Technologies Canada, operates a large gambit of machinery, ranging from a manual lathe and mill for small runs and repairs to state of the art multi-tasking machines capable of turning and milling the big and heavy parts for large production projects. Our CNC machines are of the latest and most modern designs. With advanced technologies used in these machines, the programming and setup along with its precision machining allows us to have an efficient manufacturing operation and decreased production times.  This competitive advantage transfers over to our customers in quick deliveries of high quality parts.


Mazak Integrex i-630vMazak Integrex i-630v at Nexus Engineering & Machine
Mazak Integrex E-420H-S2 (x2)Mazak Integrex E-420H-S2 at Nexus Engineering & Machine
Mazak VTC 250D/ 50Mazak VTC 250D/ 50
Mazak Vertical Nexus 510C/50-II (x2)Mazak Vertical Nexus 510C/50-II
Mazak Quick Turn Nexus 450-II (x2)Mazak Quick Turn Nexus 450-II
Mazak Quick Turn Nexus 350-II MSYMazak Quick Turn Nexus 350-II
Mazak Quick Turn Nexus 300-IIMazak Quick Turn Nexus 300
Mazak Quick Turn Nexus 250-IIMazak Quick Turn Nexus 250-II