BOP Transport Stand with Test Stump

Our BOP Transport Stands are designed for the most adverse loading and transportation conditions. The attachment of a Test Stump to the BOP Stand enables pre-pressure testing of the BOP prior to work commencing. Test Stumps are pre-tested to 1.5 times the working pressure of the BOP. 


  • The stand design allows for easy movement with a forklift
  • Can easily be tied down to the deck of a truck or trailer
  • Has upright supports to cradle the BOP
  •  BOP can easily be removed from the stand
  •  BOP Tie Down Strap Brackets are included


  •  Tie Down Straps
  • Foldable Platform 
  • Custom design and manufacturing to meet customer requirements
  • Variation of flanged, threaded or studded connections with test ports to fit customer requirements
  •  Provisional threads machined into the Test Stump Flange for many sizes of Test Bars
  • The Test Stump swivels to accommodate different customer orientations of test lines
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