E-Coil Surface Packoffs

Specifications & Options

  • Working pressure 10,000 psi
  • 2" 1502 Weco connection
  • Can accommodate all common sizes of Wireline or TEC
  • Suitable for sour service
  • Easy to install in the field

Wireline Packoff

  • Anchors and seals the reel end of the conventional E-Line used in E-Coil operations
  • PTFE sealing elements
  • Grease energized seals

TEC Packoff

  • Anchors and seals the reel end of tubing encapsulated cable used in E-Coil operations
  • Can be removed without damaging the armor of the tubing encapsulated cable
  • Double redundant seals with integral grease cavity for pressure testing
  • 15K version available
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